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Alternative Workplace

Rethinking the workplace

As the nature of work changes, the workplace is changing with it. Long-term trends point to more and more employees working from home, working from the road, working on flexible schedules, and working in teams and task forces — all enabled by rapidly advancing technology.

In light of these trends, companies are finding that traditional workplaces need serious rethinking. At Cresa, we’re in the forefront of the planning and development of alternative workplace strategies that are more in keeping with the way business is done today. The goal is to simultaneously increase productivity, reduce real estate expenses, and create an environment where valuable employees can thrive.

We start by helping you figure out what you have now. How is your workplace used? Does it change based on time of day, day of week, or seasonally? What do your people like — and not like — about it?

Once we’ve analyzed what you have, we work on what you need. We’ll customize a program that fits your company’s requirements, based on our up-to-date knowledge of workplace innovations and trends.

We know, for example, that while each company is different, many are now feeling the need to reduce fixed seats, create more meeting and collaborative space, provide personal storage solutions for mobile employees, and implement the best mobile and office technologies— including remote communications such as video conferencing.

We know that hoteling and virtual offices can significantly reduce total seating — and, hence, total floorspace — for companies with a high number of mobile employees. We’ve found that workers today are generally willing to take less personal space in exchange for better technology, more mobility, and more space for meeting and collaboration.

We also know that change is never easy, and that sensitivity to cultural and entitlement issues is essential. We can help you think through all the challenges. We’ll work with your people to identify the best resources, contractors, and other suppliers — and if you like, we can manage the entire project from beginning to end.


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