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Four Innovative Ways to Focus on Health and Wellness in the Workplace
We’ve all read the articles about the lengths to which many Fortune 100 companies are going to foster health and wellness among their workforce. Google has its famous “nap pods” and legendary kitchen, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner free of […] Read More
The Right Way to Assess Your Prospective Loading Dock
A close inspection of a warehouse building is an important step to perform during a site tour, prior to the onset of a lease negotiation. When brokers tour sites, eyes usually drift upwards, looking to address clear height and cubic storage […] Read More
Food for Thought: Companies Cater to Their Foodie Employees
Everywhere you turn, it seems, Americans are talking about food. Local food. Sustainable food. Non-GMO food. There’s food that comes in boxes on your doorstep, is sold from trucks, and is grown in backyards. If 20th century cuisine was largely […] Read More
Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategy: Why Your Office Matters & What You Can Do
Your office says a lot about your work culture. Isn’t it important to know if your workplace is conveying the wrong message about your company’s culture to potential employees? Read More
Developing an Effective Real Estate Strategy for Mergers & Acquisitions
A company’s commercial real estate is often one of its top assets. In mergers and acquisitions (M&A), however, those assets can seem like liabilities due to the complexities they add to the process. Developing and executing a defined real estate […] Read More