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Doing More with Less: Office Density Keeps Trending Up
Several years ago, a study by CoreNet Global showed that the average office space per worker had dropped from 225 square feet to 150 square feet in just three years. This trend shows no signs of abating. Many employers are shrinking dedicated office […] Read More
The BOMA International 2017 Office Standards
BOMA International 2017 Office Standards BOMA International has been the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) benchmark for the Office Standard since 1915 with the publication of the first “Standard Method of Floor Measurement.” Since 1915 […] Read More
How Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann Transformed their Work Space After 30 Years
The way employees work at most companies has changed a lot in the past 30 years. Leaders at Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann, a Minneapolis-based insurance agency, were ready to make a big change after more than three decades in the same office […] Read More
What Automation Means for Your RE Strategy
The switch to automation rocked the auto industry decades ago. Now, manufacturing and distribution companies in other industries are considering a move toward more automated facilities. Of course, automation brings one major concern: while new […] Read More
Understanding the Operating Expense and Real Estate Tax Clause in a Commercial Lease
Don’t worry if your eyes glazed over reading that title – you’re not alone. Commercial leases have never delivered riveting prose, some of the least exciting sections of the document being clauses relating to operating expenses and real estate […] Read More