Moxe Health to Maintain Office Space in Downtown Madison

December 12, 2017

Cresa Madison was engaged by Moxe Health to assist in negotiating a new lease for their office space at 2 South Carroll Street. The lease renewal will enable them to continue to increase staff and create a professional presence while maintaining budgetary and flexibility standards necessary to young companies like Moxe Health. “It is an excellent sign of the state of the economy to see startup companies like Moxe continuing to add staff and grow their office spaces,” stated Ross Rikkers, Principal of Cresa Madison. Many other healthcare companies reside near the downtown area making the new lease a sensible choice according to both organizations.

“After hitting the pavement and coming up empty, I decided to give Cresa a call,” stated Dan Wilson. “I had heard from other entrepreneurs that Cresa helped them navigate the office leasing market and it was time for some outside experts. I ended up saving a bunch of time and was able to negotiate a much better deal than if I had gone alone. It was a win-win.”

Moxe Health was founded by Dan Wilson and James Lloyd, both “ex-Epicers.” The company’s purpose is to assist health care organizations with their electronic health record integration.