Sue Rogers, SIOR
Cresa Houston, TX
1990 Post Oak Blvd
Suite 770
Houston, TX 77056
tel 713.402.5809
Dan Houston
Senior Vice President
Cresa Alberta
606 Fourth
Suite 1400, 606 - 4 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1T1
tel 403.539.0893
Charlie Lutz
Vice President
Cresa Denver
1001 17th Street
Suite 1225
Denver, CO 80202
tel 303.228.0272

Oil and Gas

Recent Assignments

  • Large Oil & Gas Company
    1,720 SF
    Denver, CO
    Lease - New Facility
  • MEG Energy -
    Eau Claire Tower

    296,519 SF

    Calgary, AB
    Lease - Relocation

  • Suncor Energy -
    Westmount Corporate Campus

    53,590 SF

    Calgary, AB
    Lease – New Location

  • Storm Resources
    15,956 SF

    Calgary, AB
    Lease – Relocation

  • Large Oil & Gas Company
    4,900 SF
    Houston, TX
    Lease - Relocation

Serving the real estate needs of the oil and gas industry means, above all, understanding that industry’s volatility. We get it. We understand more than most how the demand for space fluctuates with price of the commodities involved. 

When gas prices go up in North America, all sectors of the industry —upstream, midstream, and downstream — need space for people, vehicles, and equipment. And they need it in a hurry. When prices go down, they need to get out just as fast. We can help plan for the various contingencies, so when prices go either way, our clients are prepared. 

We understand the timing issues that rule the industry. We know that when drilling companies aren’t busy — whether for seasonal or market reasons — service companies may be so busy they can barely keep up. We know which kinds of companies — drilling, pipeline, engineering, transmission — are likely to need space at which times, and we can help you plan accordingly. We know where your company fits in the marketplace at any given time, and we can help you develop a coherent real estate strategy that accounts for all contingencies.

In short, we understand the needs of the oil and gas industry, and wherever the market goes, we’ll be there to help you keep up with it.

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Client Location Sq. Footage
Key Energy Services Houston, Texas   
NDT Systems & Services Houston, Texas  58,920 
Precision Drilling Houston, Texas  74,125