Cresa France
159 rue La Fayette
75010 Paris


Matthieu Guizard, RICS
Managing Principal
Charles Walckenaer
Managing Principal


Welcome to Cresa France

Cresa France is a corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents occupiers. By choosing to represent the interests of tenants only, Cresa avoids any conflict of interest.

We offer a spatial, technical, financial and legal expertise in France in order to improve the cost and quality of your square meters. As professional real estate and workplace advisors, we are passionate about understanding the needs of our clients and strive to deliver exceptional service for the long term.

Cresa France is managed by two dynamic and experienced entrepreneurs who love their job!


Our mission is to provide customized solutions exclusively for corporate space users by offering fully integrated services that align their real estate and workplace needs with their business plans, delivering maximum cost savings and exceeding expectations.


Our vision is to be an exception in the commercial real estate industry: A company that is service-oriented rather than transaction-oriented, with advisors who are client focused not deal focused.

We are guided by the concept, “Do the Right Thing” both internally and externally. We will always do what is right for the client’s best interest and put that interest before our own. We treat our clients and employees with respect, dignity and fairness in all matters.


Cresa France was created in January 2016 by two partners with each 20 years experience. They have working together since 2009 within a major brokerage firm. 

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Matthieu Guizard, RICS Managing Principal
Meriem Rahmaoui Consultant
Charles Walckenaer Managing Principal