Project Management

Recent Assignments

  • Atlanta, GA
    1,000,000 SF
    Manufacturing Facility
  • Boston, MA
    50,000 SF
    Corporate Renovation
  • Denver, CO
    100,000 SF

    Lab Expansion

  • New York, NY
    146,000 SF
    Build to Suit
  • Washington DC
    440,000 SF

    Law Firm Consolidation and Expansion

  • San Diego, CA
    400,000 SF
    Build-to-Suit Regional Facility

The visualization, planning, design, construction, fitting out your new workspace is not something you should undertake alone. Our project management team is your assurance that it happens in a creative, timely, cost-effective way.

We are true tenant advocates — we understand that the interests of landlords and developers are not always aligned with yours. We manage the entire process – be it a Build-to-Suit or a tenant fit-out - advising on all issues of program, feasibility, test-fits during site selection. We collaborate with our real estate Advisors during landlord negotiations, maximizing allowances, looking out for your interests at every turn. And we make sure you get the workplace environment you pay for — and that your people expect — by taking complete control of the following:

  • Workplace Strategy — develop the program, advise you on options, explore and plan workplace strategies, develop schemes that support your business objectives
  • Project Team Composition — manage the engagement of designers, contractors, voice/data suppliers, workstation, furniture and all other providers 
  • Budget — take charge of projecting/controlling spending for your project, proactively advising you on issues, creating savings that often exceed our fees
  • Schedule — oversee the entire project schedule, informing you of key dates, keeping design, construction and vendor processes running in a timely fashion 
  • Design/Construction – oversee the process to assure that the team works toward common goals to deliver the perfect outcome for your project
  • Coordinate Installs — manage/schedule all owner-controlled vendors, coordinate with the contractor on site to assure seamless deliveries and installs
  • Relocation Management — implement your entire move, plan the transition, coordinate internal committees, hire the mover, provide 24/7 move coordination, so your people keep working with as few distractions as possible

Success Story

AAA Arizona - Headquarters

AAA Arizona, the Arizona affiliate of AAA, was founded in 1927 with 239 members and has grown to…
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Success Story


AgJunction, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of innovative hardware and software applications…
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Success Story

Arizona Blue Stake, Inc.

Arizona Blue Stake, Inc. (ABS) is a non-profit communication center which performs excavation…
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Success Story


Cresa helped Betaseed define their programmatic, growth, and geographic requirements for a new…
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Success Story

CHS Field

A 7,000-seat ballpark in St. Paul’s historic Lowertown neighborhood, CHS Field, opened in the…
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Success Story


After acquiring another company, Compuware sought to consolidate its 52K SF Lexington office and…
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Success Story

DaVita Headquarters

Simple. Develop the greatest corporate headquarters building that Denver has ever known and create…
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Success Story

EMC Corporation

EMC engaged Cresa with over four years remaining on its lease, making them a captive tenant and…
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Success Story

EMC Corporation

EMC Corporation, the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure…
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Success Story

FOH Productions

Due to the explosive growth of the business, FOH Productions, a major full-service event production…
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Success Story

Fresenius Medical Care

Cresa and Fresenius Medical Care North America, a public company headquartered in Waltham, MA…
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Success Story

Gresham Smith & Partners

The objective was to modernize their Headquarters with a more efficient design and workplace…
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Success Story

Guild Mortgage

Guild Mortgage is a nationally recognized independent mortgage lender offering a wide range of…
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Success Story

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy, formerly Kaz, was coming off of a 20 year lease in a dated and inefficient building…
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Success Story

Hinckley Allen

After being located at 28 State Street for more than 10 years, Hinckley Allen’s lease expired…
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Success Story

Lewis Thomason

This Regional Law Firm leased approximately 17,000 SF on the 25th floor of the Fifth Third…
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Success Story

Limelight Networks, Inc.

Limelight Networks, Inc. (a content delivery partner for thousands of entertainment, technology…
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Success Story

Marshall's Distribution Center

The TJX Companies, Inc. had been utilizing their Las Vegas distribution center as a regional hub…
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Success Story

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Among other assignments during our 18 year engagement with ME&EI, Cresa Boston worked on their…
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Success Story


Invested in five floors and 63,000 square feet of their new building, Mithun relied on Cresa to…
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Success Story

Neal & Harwell

The firm needed assistance figuring out what the next generation would look and feel like…
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Success Story


Olympus was over budget on their new build-to-suit facility when Cresa joined the project. Cresa…
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Success Story

Perkins Coie LLP

Perkins Coie LLP, an international law firm specializing in business law and litigation, had…
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Success Story

Retail Inkjet Solutions, Inc. (RIS)

A manufacturer and distributer of consumer ink cartridge refilling machines, Retail Inkjet…
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Success Story

SAGE Software - Project Management

Sage North America enlisted Cresa Phoenix for real estate brokerage services to investigate…
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Success Story

Sprouts Farmers Market - Project Management

Sprouts Farmers Market provides affordable, healthy foods to promote inspiration, education and…
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Success Story

The Bridgespan Group

The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations and…
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Athena Abrol, LEED AP Senior Advisor, Project Management 310.943.5162
Ahmed Beasley Senior Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5315
Peter Bechunas Principal, Project Management 617.758.6064
Jon Bonkoski, DBIA, LEED AP Senior Advisor 612.373.0280
Kelly Branch, LEED AP Vice President, Project Management 602.648.4696
Amy Braun Senior Advisor, Project Management 617.758.6027
Joanne Chan Principal
Dennis Compton Senior Vice President, Project Management 404.446.1865
Kevin Donnelly Vice President 248.603.5326
Steven G. Dorgan Managing Principal 612.373.0287
Barry Dubé Principal, Project Management 617.758.6074
Eric Dumont Vice President 248.603.5287
Kristine Duyan Project Manager 613.688.7200
Justin Eagle Senior Advisor, Project Management 201.591.4565
Len Eagle Senior Vice President, Project Management 201.591.4564
Mark Eckles, PE Senior Vice President 513.744.4731
Brooke Edwards Senior Advisor, Project Management 310.943.5136
Tim Elli Vice President, Project Management 314.785.7690
Austin Evans Senior Advisor, Project Management 202.628.0300
John Fitzgerald Senior Advisor, Project Management 617.758.6035
Iris Foster Vice President, Project Management 303.228.0267
Michele George Vice President, Project Management 312.376.4117
Joe Graf, PE Senior Vice President 248.603.5336
Michael Hedges, LEED AP Vice President, Project Management 310.943.5128
Jeremy R. Henty Senior Advisor 202.783.3897
Shashi Jain Principal, Project Management 617.758.6005
Aimee Johnson Administrative Assistant 248.223.3549
Gary Klein Senior Vice President, Project Management 407.409.8712
Michael Labonte Principal, Project Management 617.758.6084
Michael J. Lomax Principal, Project Management 416.862.0694
Mike Loy Senior Vice President, Project Management 404.446.1583
Paul McCauley Senior Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6013
Jerry McGarry Senior Vice President, Project Management 610.825.9663
Christie C. Minch, LEED AP Principal, Project Management 202.783.3882
Nicole Nelson Senior Advisor 612.373.0299
Eric Nolin Principal, Project Management 312.376.4110
David O'Brien Vice President, Project Management 310.943.5134
Lynn Owen Principal, Project Management 613.688.7200
Dwight Patten Principal, Project Management 617.758.6012
James A. Pirot Managing Principal, Project Management 212.687.1048
Lisa Pitt, LEED AP BD+C Senior Advisor 248.603.5271
Paul Poppleton Vice President, Project Management 513.381.8012
Joe Siekirk, AIA Senior Vice President 248.223.3588
Karen Slater Operations Manager 916.679.0151
Beth Stein, PMP Vice President, Project Management 602.648.4968
Steven J. Strom Principal 612.373.0297
Becky Tanouye Vice President, Project Management 310.943.5154
Paul Theriault, PE, LEED AP Principal 248.223.3380
Kathryn I. Thomas Managing Principal, Project Management 301.951.6500
Greg VanKirk, CPA Managing Principal 248.223.3395
Joe Vazquez Managing Principal, Project Management 310.943.5133
Alicia Washeleski, LEED AP Principal 248.223.3811
Jason Wery Managing Principal, Project Management 602.648.4697
Paul Wills, AIA, LEED AP Managing Principal 248.223.3316
Barbara Wright, MBA, LEED AP Principal, Sales Representative 416.862.8237


Success Stories

Client Location Sq. Footage
AAA Arizona - Headquarters Phoenix, AZ  65,000 
AgJunction Scottsdale, AZ  8,363  
Arizona Blue Stake, Inc. Tempe, AZ  15,192 
Betaseed Bloomington, MN  13,000 
CHS Field St. Paul, MN  7,000 Seat Ballpark 
Compuware Waltham, MA  68,145 
DaVita Headquarters Denver, CO  271,000  
EMC Corporation Bedford, MA  320,232 
EMC Corporation Multiple Offices   
FOH Productions Phoenix, AZ  43,171 
Fresenius Medical Care Multiple Offices   
Gresham Smith & Partners Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 80,000  
Guild Mortgage Oregon City, OR  5,889  
Helen of Troy Marlborough, MA  65,000  
Hinckley Allen Boston, MA  45,374 
Lewis Thomason Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 28,000  
Limelight Networks, Inc. Tempe, AZ  59,038 
Marshall's Distribution Center Phoenix, AZ  1,500,000 
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Boston, MA  79,000 
Mithun Minneapolis, MN   63,000 
Neal & Harwell Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 31,000  
Olympus Brooklyn Park, MN   180,000 
Perkins Coie LLP Phoenix, AZ  85,000 
Retail Inkjet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) Carlsbad, CA  17,204 
SAGE Software - Project Management Scottsdale, AZ  76,598 
Sprouts Farmers Market - Project Management Phoenix, AZ  77,391 
The Bridgespan Group Boston, MA  28,612 

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